HTY Indemnity form 2019-A

Details of Child

For the purposes of communicating with your child (i.e. for invitations and reminders of events), feel free to include the following details:

Child's Health Information

Allergies and Medications

Special Needs

Photo/video permissions

Details of Parent/Guardian


My signature below indicates:

  • My willingness to permit my child to participate fully in the Holy Trinity Youth activities on Friday nights.
  • That I give my permission, in the case of a medical emergency, to the doctor chosen (either by the church authorities or other persons supervising or administering the activities), to secure proper treatment for and/or order hospitalisation, injection, anaesthetic or surgery for my child as named. I understand that every effort will be made to contact me prior to instituting such procedures.   

Parent or guardian’s signature certifying acceptance of all these conditions:

The information in this letter will be keep confidential. This information may be shared with a third party when it concerns medical health or care of the individuals listed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries in relation to this information.

Email: Phone: 0419 463 514 (Youth Pastor)